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For numerous technical applications, a professional Measure- and control technology is irreplaceable and makes a significant contribution to the efficiency, safety and quality of your operating processes. Whether flow monitors, temperature measuring devices or pressure transmitters, with us from SEIKOM Electronic we provide you with the entire range of advanced and future-oriented measurement and control technology. Work with us to take your monitoring and control to the next level.

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SEIKOM Electronic - your partner for measurement and control technology for 30 years

What can you expect in our measurement technology store? In addition to the extensive product selection, you can rely on TÜV-certified quality "Made in Germany". Our developments in measurement and control technology are based on sound expertise and 30 years of experience. In this way, we are able to meet the individual demands and requirements of many industries. You can buy the appropriate measurement technology from us according to your requirements - and simply online.

From the very beginning, our goal at SEIKOM Electronic has been to offer high-quality measurement and control technology for rugged industrial environments with an outstanding service promise. With a sophisticated, constantly growing range of measurement and control technology and over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide, we regularly live up to this claim. For some years now, we have been one of the leading providers among others for Temperature sensor for temperature measurement, Pressure transmitter for pressure measurement, air quality sensors for Measure air quality, Heating, ventilation, air conditioningGeräte und vieles mehr.

In addition to specializing in measurement and control technology, we place particular emphasis on a comprehensive portfolio of devices with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Explosion protection (ATEX & IECEx). These include, among others, our Flow monitor with SIL2-Klassifierung. Für uns ist dabei immer der Fokus auf Kundenorientierung selbstverständlich. Wir sind jederzeit für Sie persönlich da und nehmen uns Zeit für Ihre Individual advice all about the best measurement and control technology for your applications. Comprehensive quality control and fast shipping are particularly important to us, because we know that sometimes things have to happen particularly quickly. We ship your products quickly and reliably within 24 hours. And if something doesn't fit, that's no problem. You can easily return your goods to us within 6 weeks of purchase.

Our Quality Guarantee

100% quality testing

SEIKOM products stand for exceptional quality and have been proven in demanding environments for more than 30 years. At the end of the production process, we test all our products. We guarantee the highest quality standards - confirmed many times by TÜV Nord.

Delivery within 24 hours

For orders placed before 4 p.m., we will ship standard products on the same working day. Customised products and calibrations are usually delivered within a few working days.

Comprehensive technical advice within few hours

Whether in person, by telephone or by email: We are always at your disposal. Simply contact us or arrange a callback. We will be happy to assist you in finding the optimal solution for your application and aim to get back to you within few hours.

Simple return

We do our best every day to offer you the optimal solution for your application. Have you found a suitable product? Then order now in our webshop without any worries. If the products does not fit your specification, you can return the product to us within six weeks.

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What does SEIKOM Electronic's measurement and control technology offer?

Basically, measurement and control technology refers to Field of technology The measurement, recording, conversion, transmission, processing and conversion of physical variables in order to influence processes or systems in a targeted manner and to maintain or bring them to a desired state.

Measurement technology primarily uses measuring devices and sensors that measure certain variables such as temperature, pressure, flow rate or fill level very precisely. The measured values are then processed within control technology devices. Based on the data obtained, actuators, such as valves or motors, carry out appropriate regulation or control actions to influence the process or system accordingly. In principle, measurement and control technology is therefore a harmonious interaction of sensors and actuators in a closed control loop.

The aim of SEIKOM Electronic's measurement and control technology is to achieve the following through constant monitoring and adjustment

  • ensure optimum operating conditions,
  • save energy,
  • increase security and
  • improve the quality of the end product or the process result.

Strengths of our products


Rely on more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of industrial sensors. Our products stand for reliable monitoring and control of processes for years.

No Moving Parts

Our devices work with precise measuring methods without the use of moving parts. No matter what medium you want to monitor, you can expect no maintenance or follow-up costs for wearing parts.

Optimised for your application

Our products have been developed for various applications. The devices are available in compact design or with separate evaluation unit and remote probe.

Simple installation and quick commissioning

You will receive your device tested and calibrated. We offer a wide range of accessories for safe and easy installation of the sensors on site.

Demanding environments

Our measuring devices are robustly manufactured for industrial applications. We offer you a comprehensive range of sensors for harsh environments: for media temperatures up to 400°C, for explosive areas, aggressive media and measurements up to 200 m/s.

What does our measurement technology store have in store for you?

Measurement and control technology plays a central role in the technical industry as well as in production, plant maintenance, automation and much more. Therefore you will find in our well-stocked online store for measurement and control technology a wide range of products that ensure the recording, transmission, display and analysis of physical quantities and, analogously, regulation in various industries and application areas. The products include measuring devices for flow, pressure, temperature, air quality and level, a selection of sensors and thermocouples that record specific variables and convert them into electrical signals and accessories such as cables, brackets and other equipment that make measurements practical, precise and reliable. All in all, our range represents a central point of contact for you if you are looking for high-quality measurement and control technology.

Your advantages with products from SEIKOM Electronic:

  • Process reliability in the reliable monitoring and control of processes over many years
  • Efficiency without moving parts, therefore low maintenance and hardly any significant follow-up costs
  • Tailor-made measurement and control technology optimized for your area of application
  • Simple installation and quick commissioning
  • Suitable for demanding environments with a risk of explosion or aggressive media thanks to its robust properties

When to buy measurement technology?

The purchase of measurement and control technology makes sense if you Accurate and reliable data to make informed decisions, optimize processes or ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

In situations where estimates or assumptions are inadequate or risky, measurement technology provides a objective basis and can lead to the subsequent control technology. The acquisition of measurement and control technology is just as essential whenever the quality of a product or service depends on the quality of the process. exact measured values depends on it. Measurement and control technology is also a central core element in your processes when it comes to saving energy, using resources efficiently or increasing safety.

In addition, the Regular monitoring and control systems and plants using measurement technology in order to detect deviations or malfunctions at an early stage and be able to react to them. You can even reduce costs in the long term with the right measurement and control technology equipment by helping you to minimize errors, rejects or inefficient processes. Whenever precision, quality assurance and efficiency are paramount, buying control and measurement technology is a Essential step towards optimization.

What are the advantages of measurement and control technology?

Measurement and control technology brings numerous benefits to modern industry and many other sectors. Advantages:

Precision and accuracy are and will become increasingly important in almost all environments. Measurement and control technology ensures measurements that are particularly accurate in detail in order to create the basis for well-founded decisions and precise actions.

The control technology in particular ensures that you Automate complex processes can. This not only increases productivity, but also reduces the likelihood of human error and enables constant production around the clock. Furthermore, monitored and regulated processes using measurement and control technology guarantee optimum use of resources. So you benefit from significant cost savingsprimarily in large-scale production systems.

In addition, measurement and control technology means that you can use a Consistent product or service quality achieve. You can detect problems or deviations in real time and correct them before they lead to major failures or quality problems.

In safety-critical areas, such as the chemical industry or power plants, measurement and control technology is responsible for continuous monitoring in order to Maximum security to create. This not only protects the people working in the production halls but also the systems. Measurement and control technology makes a valuable contribution in terms of increasing efficiency, environmental protection and flexibility as well as documentation and monitoring.

So that your company can continue to competitive while at the same time increasing the quality and safety of your products and services, the purchase of measurement and control technology is worth more than just a thought.

What you will find in our measurement technology store

Whether you are in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, manufacturing industry, energy sector or companies in environmental technology, medical technology, building technology or the automotive industry, in our measurement technology store you will find exactly the measurement and control technology you really need. You are welcome to browse through our Product categories.

An extensive selection awaits you here:

  • Flow
    • Flow monitoring of gases up to 80 °C
    • Flow monitoring of liquid media
    • Flow monitoring and measurement in environments up to 400 °C
    • Volume flow measurement
    • Flow monitoring in hazardous areas (ATEX)
    • Flow monitoring with SIL certification
  • Pressure
    • Pressure transmitter
    • Pressure switch
  • Temperature
    • Temperature sensor
    • Room temperature sensor
    • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Humidity
    • Air quality sensor
  • Level
    • Stepper motor
    • Controller for stepper motor
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
    • Drives for fans
    • Drives for rotary heat exchangers
    • AHU controls
    • Power controller
    • Temperature controller
    • Sensors and transmitters

If you have any further questions about measurement and control technology or would like comprehensive advice, please contact our experts without obligation and find out more in our Blog.

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