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Welcome to our specialized segment for ATEX-certified products. At SEIKOM Electronic, we know how crucial safety is in hazardous environments. That's why we are proud to offer a wide range of reliable and robust industrial sensors specifically designed for use in hazardous areas.

Our Flow monitors for ATEX zones 1 and 2 are synonymous with quality and reliability in the industry. These precise measuring devices are essential for monitoring gases and ensure safety and efficiency in work areas that are exposed to a high risk of explosion. With our selection of flow monitors for hazardous areas, you can ensure that your systems and processes run smoothly and safely, even under challenging conditions.

From January 2024, we will be adding a new product to our portfolio: ATEX-certified Zener barriers. These barriers are fundamental safety components for use in circuits that are used in potentially explosive atmospheres. They limit energy to prevent sparking and overheating, significantly reducing the risk of ignition of gases, vapors or other explosive materials.

At SEIKOM Electronic, we always strive to present innovative solutions that not only meet the latest technological standards, but also comply with the strict ATEX directives for explosion-proof operation. Whether it is flow monitors for hazardous areas or Zener barriers, our aim is to provide products that ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Browse our selection of ATEX-certified products and find the perfect solution for your requirements. Rely on SEIKOM Electronic, your expert for safe and reliable industrial sensors in all hazardous applications.

Available devices

  • Liquids
  • Gases
  • Non-aggressive gases
  • Sensor
  • Compact device (incl. sensor)
  • Compact device (incl. sensor, remote)
  • Evaluation unit (probe sold separately)
  • Flow sensor
  • Accessories
  • 1 switching output
  • 1 NO contact
  • 2 x potential-free relay, 230 V AC 5 A
  • Relay output
ATEX Zertifizierung
  • ATEX Zone 1
  • ATEX Zone 2
  • on request
  • None
SIL Klassifizierung
  • SIL3
  • SIL1
  • SIL2
  • None

Sensor F3 Ex

From 303.70 Excl. VAT

Flow measurement as a success factor

The flow measurement is a important process in various branches of industry and in technical applications. The volume or quantity of liquids or gases flowing past a point within a certain period of time is determined quantitatively.

Different types of flow measurements exist, based on different physical principles. We from SEIKOM Electronic rely primarily on the calorimetric or thermal flow measurement. In some cases, heated sensors measure the ambient temperature. Heat is removed from the sensors by passing media such as gases or liquids. On the basis of this temperature drop, thanks to the flow measurement via our devices, the amount of the medium flowing past is reliable is determined. Since the media temperature can change in addition to the flow, there is always a Reference measurement to ensure a consistently high measurement quality.

Devices for flow monitoring

Special devices are required for precise flow measurement. SEIKOM Electronic offers you a range of high quality flowmeters, from simple Flow monitors up to precise Volumetric flow meters. All devices are designed for accurate and reliable flow measurement in demanding industrial environments.

In our assortment we have different models of thermal flowmeters, which are based on different technologies based and meet the requirements different environments correspond

  • Flow measurement of gases
  • Flow measurement of liquids
  • Flow monitoring in hot environments (up to 400°C)
  • Volume flow measurement
  • Flow monitoring in hazardous areas (ATEX)
  • Flow monitoring with SIL certification

Our measuring devices for flow measurement are subject to our development strict criteria, to provide accurate and reliable results. This includes high sensitivity, fast response time, low pressure dependence and minimal susceptibility to temperature fluctuations.

The advantages of flow measurement with SEIKOM Electronic

Our innovative solutions are designed to provide precise flow data and thus to safely design and optimize your processes. Flow monitoring with the devices from SEIKOM Electronics therefore offers you many Advantages:

  • By means of flow measurement via our measuring devices you monitor reliable the flow. In one system, you track the flow in real time and can ensure that it meets the desired parameters.
  • Likewise, the Environmental compliance ensured by control via flow measurement. This method provides a reliable way to ensure that wastewater or exhaust air flows comply with legal regulations and environmental standards.
  • Thanks to flow measurement with our devices, you get accurate results for careful and permanent Control. This gives you the opportunity to react immediately to any changes.
  • With the help of our systems for flow measurement you noticeably increase the Efficiencyas deviations from the optimum are detected directly. By continuously monitoring the flow, operators can optimize process flows, increase energy efficiency and prevent unexpected failures.
  • The ongoing optimization process as a result of flow measurement can lead to significant Cost savings lead. Unnecessary waste of resources is avoided by permanent flow monitoring and, if necessary, adjustment of the flow.
  • Due to the robust construction our devices from SEIKOM Electronic are very durable. The devices are designed to withstand extreme conditions in various environments.
  • Due to the absence of moving parts, our measuring instruments are also particularly low maintenance. This also saves you valuable time and money.

Increase your efficiency and safety with flow measurement devices from SEIKOM Electronic and keep your data reliably in view. In addition, you can of course also rely on us for a continuous further development leave. On request, we will develop a specific solution for your area of application.

Flow measurement - Which device is the right one?

The right choice of your measuring device is of crucial importance, as it significantly influences the accuracy and reliability of the acquired data. In addition to the environmental conditions in which the measurement is performed, the specific requirements of the process or the application must be taken into account. This includes aspects such as the measuring range, temperature and pressure of the medium to be measured. In addition, the Type of medium plays an essential role: different liquids or gases have different physical properties that affect the choice of measuring device. The Integration of the measuring device into the existing control or monitoring system is another point to consider. The communication interfaces and protocols must be compatible to ensure seamless integration.

For a more detailed insight into the necessary selection criteria we have clearly compiled them here for you:

Selection criteria for a flow meter

Depending on the measured medium, different sensors and materials are used - the underlying thermal measuring principle is the same. When measuring air/ gases, the sensor elements are usually located directly in the air flow and can reliably monitor the smallest flow changes. For monitoring liquid media, we use a closed sensor system.

All measuring devices can be used for flow measurement of industrial environments up to approx. 80°C without any problems. In addition, we offer sensors for hot environments up to 400°C. For these media temperatures we use special sensor elements. These have proven themselves especially in the field of industrial furnaces, heating equipment, heating registers, soldering systems as well as test and inspection equipment, in mechanical and plant engineering, process technology, exhaust gas and emission monitoring.

Flowmeters from SEIKOM Electronic have signal outputs for various applications.

  • Relay output/ switch
  • Relative analog output (0-10 V, 4-20 mA)
  • Linear analog output (0-10 V, 4-20 mA)

Signal output

Application areas (exemplary)


Relay output for monitoring minimum or maximum ranges of flows. The switching point is defined individually by means of a potentiometer or by setting (RLSW®8). A switching contact is triggered when the switching point is exceeded or undershot.
By means of relay output you get a reliable answer to the question whether a certain flow is exceeded or not.

Airflow monitoring in air ducts, machines, plants and test facilities

In compact design:

For control cabinet installation:
NLSW45-3, NLSW2a, ...

With a relative analog output (0 - 10 V, 4 - 20 mA), it is not only a matter of whether there is a flow, but also how high this flow is. The relative output has a linearized output signal that is often used for visualization.

Flow measurement for monitoring by means of programmable logic controller (PLC, DDC).


The most accurate flow measurement is achieved by means of a linear analog output (0 - 10 V, 4 - 20 mA) in control quality. Here the air flow is measured and precisely evaluated for further processing.

Air flow measurement for control and further processing of the output signal in a programmable logic controller (PLC, DDC) or control of a fan regulated by a frequency converter.


Devices for flow measurement are available both in compact design (RLSW®) and as an evaluation unit for control cabinet installation (NLSW®) with separate sensor.

In the compact design (RLSW®), the sensor and evaluation electronics form one unit and the flow measurement and signal evaluation take place directly at the measuring point. The measuring devices are built for robust industrial use and usually have a degree of protection of IP65 (RLSW®8: IP54). The advantages of this design are on the one hand the possibility to read information directly at the installation site (LED or LCD display). On the other hand, signals are evaluated immediately and then transmitted over longer distances by means of cables.

The design with evaluation unit (NLSW®) and separate wired sensor is suitable for control cabinet installation. This design is particularly suitable for harsh process applications and if the signals are to be processed directly in the control cabinet. In addition, it is especially mandatory for flow measurement in explosion-proof environments (ATEX zones 1 and 2).

If you have decided to use a separate evaluation unit, please note that the associated sensor (available in different lengths/immersion depths) is available separately.

All sensors have a cable length of 2.5 meters as standard. We are happy to manufacture sensors with longer cable connections (up to 30 m in environments up to 80°C) - just contact our team for this.

For explosion-proof areas we use specially certified sensors and evaluation units for ATEX zones 1 and 2 for flow measurement. For this purpose, you can obtain flow monitors with relay output (NLSW®45-3 Ex) as well as with relative analog output (NLSW®75-A Ex). The scope of delivery here includes the evaluation unit and two Zener barriers for installation outside the explosion-proof area.

For environments with SIL1 requirements, we also offer certified devices for flow measurement (NLSW®45-3 SIL1 and sensor F3.x SIL1).

For applications with ATEX and SIL1 requirements, our product range includes the NLSW®45-3 Ex SIL1 device, which meets both requirements. Here, too, the scope of delivery includes the evaluation unit and the associated Zener barriers.

Please note that both the evaluation unit and the sensor must be certified accordingly in order to meet the requirements for explosion-proof areas as well as the SIL1 requirements. We will be pleased to provide you with all certificates on request.

For reliable flow measurement, a laminar and thus steady flow without turbulence is required. Experience shows that this flow occurs in the middle of the air duct or pipe. The sensor should therefore extend into the middle of the duct or pipe. 

Airflow sensors are available in standard lengths of 50 mm (Fx), 130 mm (Fx.1), 165 mm (Fx.2), 300 mm (Fx.3), 400 mm (Fx.4) or 500 mm (Fx.5). In addition, special lengths are also possible without any problems.

For flow measurement of liquid media, sensors with an immersion depth of 46 or 150 mm are available as standard. Here, too, we are happy to provide special solutions if required.

In addition to the sensor length, the inlet and outlet distances (upstream and downstream of the sensor - usually at least 5 times the pipe or duct diameter) must also be taken into account for an optimum measurement result. Mounting directly behind a fan or angled pipe or obstacle should be avoided due to turbulence.

Basically, different installation options are available for installation in the air duct or pipe. All SEIKOM Electronic sensors for flow measurement have a threaded connection and can thus be screwed directly into the pipe.

Air flow sensors are supplied with a PG7 thread as standard and can be screwed directly into the air duct or pipe.

Using separately available reducers, the sensor can be easily adapted to M16 x 1.5, M20 x 1.5 or G1/2-inch (or other) process connections.

Sensors for measuring liquid media (e.g. RLSW®7, F6.x) have a G1/2-inch or a G1/4-inch connection as standard.

In addition, we offer screw-in adapters with an external thread M20 x 1.5. Here you can continuously adjust the immersion depth of the sensor and thus easily identify the optimal measuring location for the flow measurement. For regular cleaning of the sensor (e.g. in contaminated media, in exhaust gas environments, etc.) it is possible to simply remove the sensors.

In addition, we offer various mounting flanges as accessories.

Yes, we offer our selected flow measurement devices with TÜV type examination according to DIN EN 61010-1:2011-07. The devices are certified and there are regular inspections and quality checks in our manufacturing workshops by our experienced team.

Do you have any further questions? Or do you value a detailed and personal consultation for your flow measurement? Then get in touch with us Contact , we are looking forward to your inquiry!

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