News KW40: The Flowguard® FS400

We are pleased to present our new product to you: The Flowguard® FS400 flow monitor! With its intuitive operation and robust design, the Flowguard® FS400 is the ideal solution for monitoring, measuring and controlling liquid media in industrial environments.

Main features of the Flowguard® FS400 at a glance:

Flow monitoring with analog and switching output:

The Flowguard® FS400 enables precise monitoring of liquid media in the range from 4 to 400 cm/s. With its analog output (4 ... 20 mA) and status output (PNP, NPN), you can easily monitor and control flows.

Intuitive operation:

Thanks to its two control buttons for setting the switching point, you can configure the Flowguard® FS400 easily and precisely. This ensures trouble-free integration into your processes.

Clear visualization:

Ten LED displays show you the current flow rate and contact closure. This gives you a good overview of your processes, even from a distance.

Robust design:

The Flowguard® FS400 was specially developed for use in industrial environments and is therefore optimally protected against dust and moisture, which is guaranteed by its IP67 protection rating.

Various installation depths:

The Flowguard® FS400 is available in two installation depths - 65 mm and 125 mm - to meet your requirements.


The Flowguard® FS400 helps you to make your processes more efficient and minimize downtimes. Contact us to find out more about the new product and to receive your personal offer.

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