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In buildings, warehouses, production facilities and many other environments, the indoor climate and air quality are the basis for the well-being of all those who spend several hours a day there. Smart HVAC systems from SEIKOM Electronic, which provide an efficient combination of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, create an energy-efficient and sustainable working environment through precise control, in which Comfort and economy go hand in hand.

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Drives for rotary heat exchangers

AHU controls

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Available devices

  • Drives for rotary heat exchangers
  • Drives for fans
  • Power controller
  • OJ Electronics sensors and transmitters
  • AHU controls
  • Temperature sensor
  • Temperature controller
  • Accessories

Intelligent HVAC components for heating, ventilation and air conditioning are available from us in highest quality and Sophisticated design. By installing an HVAC system equipped with sensors, thermostats, temperature controls and much more, you can improve indoor climate conditions on the one hand and save considerable energy costs on the other. Good if you have a professional partner like us at your side. We are happy to tailor solutions to your individual needs.

Together with our partner OJ Electronics, we have decades of expertise in heating, ventilation and air conditioning

SEIKOM Electronic has stood for innovative solutions for over 30 years. Measurement and control technologywhich is aimed primarily at demanding areas. Whether HVAC systems, flow measurement, temperature measurements with Temperature sensors, pressure measurements with Pressure transmitters and much more; we set high standards for our products. As a partner to the industry, we also offer an extensive range of products with Safety Integrity Level- and Explosion protection (ATEX & IECEx)-certified productswhich guarantees all requirements for the protection of particularly critical and high-risk environments. With us, in addition to the product safety of HVAC systems, you can rely on a customer-oriented servicewhere the focus is on individual advice and speed in all processes relating to your order. We are also your first point of contact when it comes to Customized HVAC systems goes.

What makes heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology so important?

HVAC systems form the Central control unit to regulate the temperature, humidity and air quality in certain environments, ranging from offices and workshops to industrial production halls. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology contributes to comfort through precise and automated regulation and ensures a comfortable environment. Efficient control of the indoor climate. The aim is to create a pleasant working environment at all times in which employees can be productive, focused and healthy.

In an HVAC system, heating systems provide heat, while air conditioning systems cool environments with high levels of heat. Ventilation, on the other hand, effectively controls the exchange of stale and fresh air, ensuring high air quality and reducing pollutants and humidity. Modern HVAC systems, in particular, are designed to be particularly High energy efficiency designed to minimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

A large Advantage of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems from OJ Electronics in a closed system is that, thanks to their different shapes and sizes, they can be combined with each other. tailor-made can be integrated into almost any building structure - without much effort. HVAC systems are made up of boilers, air conditioning, moisture extraction and other components, all of which can be found in our range. How does heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology work? HVAC systems work through a Interaction of heat exchange, air circulation and humidity regulation to create a comfortable indoor climate. Heating raises the temperature indoors when needed, typically through a boiler that heats water and sends it through a network of pipes and radiators, or through forced air heating that blows warm air through a system of ducts. Air conditioning systems extract heat and moisture from the interior, using a refrigerant to absorb heat and remove it via a compressor and condenser. The result is a cooling of the indoor air, which is not only important in the summer months, but essential in areas with heat sources. Ventilation systems are responsible for exchanging stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air. They are usually equipped with an additional filter to clean the air of particles and pollutants. Modern HVAC systems often come with a automated HVAC control This makes it possible to precisely regulate temperature and humidity while optimizing energy consumption through the use of energy-saving technologies such as heat recovery. The effort required is reduced to a minimum, while comfort is increased.

Where are heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems used?

HVAC systems are used in many buildings today, which is undoubtedly related to providing employees with a comfortable workplace but also simply to reduce energy costs in times of sharply rising energy prices to reduce the energy consumption. HVAC systems also meet today's desire for a Hygienic air quality in which the risk of infection from viruses and bacteria is reduced. To the typical locations of HVAC systems include, among others:

  • Office buildings, shopping centers and other commercially used properties
  • Production facilities, industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Schools, universities, libraries and other public buildings

Which HVAC controls we have available for you

If you opt for an HVAC system from OJ Electronics, you will receive sophisticated HVAC components from us that are designed for a smooth and reliable operation of the HVAC control system. These include drives for fans, drives for rotary heat exchangers, HVAC controls, power controllers, temperature controllers, sensors and transmitters. Drives for fans In HVAC systems, fans are responsible for air circulation. Their drives are efficient and reliable to move the airflow through ducts, rooms and over the heat exchanger. The speed of the fans is determined by the drives, which enables fine tuning of the amount of air flowing through the system. Drives for rotary heat exchangers Rotary heat exchangers are integrated into HVAC systems to transfer heat from the extract air to the supply air without the two air flows coming into direct contact with each other. The heat exchanger drives are responsible for the rotary movement of the heat exchanger core, which ensures continuous heat transfer and therefore more efficient temperature control. AHU controls At the heart of HVAC systems are HVAC controls (room air technology), which are responsible for monitoring and controlling all components. They coordinate the functions of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in order to balance a constant room temperature and air quality. HVAC controls are often connected to intelligent building management systems, which enable central monitoring and operation. Power controller The energy supply to the various components such as radiators, cooling elements and fans is controlled by the power controllers in HVAC systems. They regulate the output based on the requirements of the system and help to minimize energy consumption by avoiding over- and undersupply. Temperature controller Temperature controllers in HVAC systems keep the desired room temperature constant. They react to changes in the indoor and outdoor temperature and adjust the operating mode of heating or cooling elements accordingly. This not only ensures comfort, but also efficient energy utilization. Sensors and transmitters Sensors in HVAC systems continuously collect data on temperature, humidity, air quality and other important parameters. Transmitters send this information to the control systems, which then adjust the HVAC components accordingly. With our selection, we ensure that you get the full potential of an HVAC system. So you will find in our Product categories exactly what you need. We would be happy to advise you personally on tailor-made HVAC systems and components at any time and provide you with an attractive quote. We look forward to hearing from you without obligation.

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