For pressure measurement of a pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, be it the relative pressure, differential pressure or absolute pressure, are Pressure transmitter indispensable. They reliably convert the measured value into an analog or digital output signal such as current or voltage, so that you can efficiently monitor and control machines and systems in the industrial environment.

Pressure sensors and switches

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Accessories for pressure sensors

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Available devices

  • Pressure sensors and switches
  • Pressure transmitter (absolute)
  • Differential pressure transmitter
  • Pressure switch
  • Accessories
  • Liquids
  • Gases
  • Non-aggressive gases
  • 1 switching output
  • 1 NO contact
  • 2 x potential-free relay, 230 V AC 5 A
  • Relay output

Do not compromise on a pressure transmitter because stable and precise measured values ensure that your operation runs smoothly and potential risks from overpressure or underpressure are avoided. At SEIKOM Electronic You can rely on years of expertise and a wide range of professional competence when it comes to pressure transmitters and switches. concerns. Benefit from our qualified know-how and a manufacturing with quality "Made in Germany. You can buy high-quality pressure transmitters from us for a wide range of applications, with consistently high functionality, easy handling and time-saving maintenance.

Discover now our pressure transmitters for pressure measurement for highest demands -because it is about the safe measurement, monitoring and control of your processes and plants.

From electronic pressure transmitters to flow measurement: Over 30 years of expertise

Our company history began over 30 years ago, when the first milestone for the SEIKOM Electronic was laid. Since then, we have been the first point of contact with TÜV certified qualitywhen it comes to innovative measurement and control technology, flow monitoring, pressure measurement, temperature controls and much more. Our wide range of products for almost every industrial environment convinces with high safety standards. We offer a broad portfolio of safety-related industrial sensors (Safety Integrity Level) as well as products with explosion protection certification (ATEX/ IECEx). In addition, we place great emphasis on speed in our Service, such as for supply and shipping.

Why you need a pressure transmitter and pressure switch

Pressure transmitters are used whenever you want to keep a continuous eye on pressure, fill levels or flow rates in machines and systems. They can be used to monitor both the Absolute pressure, the differential pressure as well as the Relative pressure measure. The Absolute pressure refers to the zero pressure, which is in a vacuum. The atmospheric pressure is usually around 1 bar (1,000 hPa), although this depends on the individual site conditions. Our pressure transmitters measure between -1 bar and 300 bar. By measuring the Differential pressure you will obtain the pressure between two absolute pressures. Relative pressure sensors measure the difference between ambient pressure and measuring pressure.

How are pressure transmitters constructed?

A pressure transmitter for measuring pressure is equipped with various components such as pressure connections, a sensitive pressure sensor system, the pressure connections and the device electronics, to name just a few. In particular the Sensors are of great importance, as they absorb the pressure and convert it into the corresponding output signal. The same importance is attached to the Pressure connectionsthrough which the pressure is transmitted to the sensor and the DiaphragmsThe housing protects the entire electronics of the pressure transmitter from environmental influences and other stresses. The housing, meanwhile, protects the entire electronics of the pressure transmitter from environmental influences and other stresses.

Both the material and the processing as well as the quality of the software are decisive for us in the production. Therefore, you should choose a model that meets our high standards corresponds. Our products can be used even in specific requirement areas.

What advantages do absolute and differential pressure transmitters from SEIKOM Electronic have for you?

A pressure transmitter from SEIKOM Electronic brings you a number of noteworthy Benefits with, which you can make use of for your industry. These include:

  • High selection of different measuring ranges
  • High measurement accuracy and thus precise measurement results
  • Analog output signal (optionally 0 ... 10 V or 4 ... 20 mA)
  • Pressure measurement of different liquids and gases
  • Easy installation
  • High long-term stability
  • Variety of electrical connections and process connections

Practical tip: If you want to achieve a particularly high measuring accuracy with a pressure transmitter, you should keep the measuring range as low as possible.

Where are pressure transmitters used?

Pressure transmitters are designed for a wide range of applications, which includes both the Pneumatics as well as the Hydraulics as well as the Process and process engineering concerns. They are used to monitor critical limit values, regulate and control pressure in machines and plants, regulate temperatures and much more.

Which pressure transmitter is the right one?

The choice of a suitable pressure transmitter is based on different factorsthat you must take into account:

  • Which Measuring ranges should your electronic pressure transmitter record?
  • In which Accuracy class are the measurement results desired?
  • Should the absolute, relative or differential pressure be measured?
  • Which Standards and guidelines must be taken into account?
  • What are the typical environmental characteristics, such as in terms of temperature?
  • Which Output signal is needed and which Sensor type is desired?

Depending on the application, a pressure transmitter must have specific properties. For example, sensors can record measurements in the low or very high bar range. The output signal can be analog or digital take place.

We will be happy to advise you personally on buying a pressure transmitter. Together we will find a model that tailor-made fits your requirements in plant and mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and heating, ventilation, air conditioning and clean room technology.

Our pressure transmitters, pressure switches and differential pressure transmitters

At SEIKOM Electronic, we prefer to rely on the piezoresistive and capacitive active principle for the efficient measurement of gaseous and liquid media. Our products are made of high-quality materials adapted to the respective environment.

The pressure transmitters from our range, such as the modular Modbus pressure transmitter PTH-6501-2, convince by measurement results with an accuracy of ± 1% of the full scale value. But also pressure switches, such as the PressGuard pressure switch PS200 is guaranteed a reliable pressure regulation. With our products, you can rely on a High reliability and Long life.

Feel free to take a look at our range of pressure transmitters as well as our other Product categories and send us your inquiry. We support you professionally, reliably and always personally.