Controller for step motor DRHX-1220-MAD5

In our wide product range, you will find the right drive for every rotary heat exchanger system. We configure a reliable solution for you that flexibly combines Modbus and analogue technologies. The DRHX drives are easy to install and increase the efficiency of your system (drive and motor) by up to 65%.

Combining a high-torque stepper motor with a sensor-free control loop gives you more precise and energy-efficient control. The drive adjusts the voltage exactly to the required value according to operating speed and torque. Patent pending.

The combination of Modbus and analogue control from 0-10 V gives you all the options to optimise energy consumption and air quality. A display with 3 x 7 segments provides the user with information on actual performance and gives error messages.

110/220 W, 4/8 Nm
230 V Operating voltage
Modbus & 0-10 V DC interface
3×7 segment display

The product is available immediately.

1,079.70 Excl. VAT

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