In potentially explosive atmospheres, the monitoring of air flows is of great importance. For this purpose we have developed the flow monitors NLSW®45-3 Ex and NLSW®75-A Ex certified in combination with the F3.x Ex probes. Both devices meet the requirements for air monitoring in ATEX zones 2 and 1. 

Depending on the output signal requirement, either a flow monitor (NLSW®45-3 Ex) or a flow meter with relative analog output (0-10 V, 4-20 mA) and relay output (NLSW®75-A Ex) is used.

The evaluation unit and the Zener barriers included in the scope of delivery are installed outside the hazardous area. The sensors are mounted inside the hazardous area and have a standard cable length of 2.5 m. On request, the cable at the sensor can be extended up to 30 m.

Exemplary areas of application

Chemical plants

Monitoring of proper supply air

Painting systems

Monitoring of a constant overpressure in production areas

Sewage and wastewater treatment plants

Monitoring of air circulation in clarifiers

Available devices (product feed)

With evaluation unit and separate sensor

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