Flow monitoring and measurement in environments up to 400°C

Reliable flow monitoring of hot air flows is of central importance for a variety of production and drying processes.

We have developed different devices especially for this area of application, depending on the requirements of the application and thus the output signal. 

For the pure monitoring of air flows with relay output the devices NLSW45-6 (for gases up to 250°C) as well as NLSW45-6.1 (for gases up to 400°C) have been developed. Together with the sensors F8.x 250°C or F8.x 400°C you reliably measure and monitor the air flow in industrial furnaces, in production (e.g. plastic extrusion), in soldering plants and many other areas.

In order to provide a linear analog signal (0-10 V or 4-20 mA) in control quality in addition to a relay output, to be able to read the flow directly on the display and to flexibly adjust settings, we have developed the device RLSW®8 developed. The device is available with remote probe for environments up to 250°C or 350°C media temperature. Continuous test routines continuously monitor the sensors, cable connections and software evaluations. 

All sensor tubes for use in hot environments are made of stainless steel. The sensors are soldered, individually potted and hardened in qualified manufacturing processes. In this way, we ensure the continuous high quality of our sensors.

The sensor works reliably even in sooty environments. If dirt particles settle, the sensor can be carefully cleaned in a lye solution, dried in the air and reinserted. Reasonable maintenance intervals should be set for the operational reliability of the system.

Exemplary areas of application

Plastics Production

Measurement and control of air flow in extrusion lines

Industrial furnaces

Measurement and control of supply and exhaust air

Test and inspection facilities

Measurement of exhaust air from engines and turbines

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