SEIKOM Electronic flow monitors for liquid media monitor in particular water and cooling circuits (up to a glycol content of 30%). 

The sensors made of nickel-plated brass or stainless steel are manufactured from a single component, are stable and resistant to external influences. The electronics in the sensor are hermetically sealed by hand and are thus suitable for use in robust industrial environments (IP67).

The main criteria for selecting the right flow monitor for liquid media are the design (compact design RLSW® or evaluation unit for control cabinet installation NLSW® with separately available probe) as well as in the correct process connection (G1/2-inch or G1/4-inch connection).

Exemplary areas of application

Power plants

Cooling circuit monitoring

Chemical industry

Circuit monitoring

Water and sewage systems

Monitoring of water circuits and wastewater treatment plants

Refrigeration and air conditioning

Chiller monitoring

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