Volume flow meter - for measuring air flow

When it comes to recording and measuring volume flows in ventilation and air conditioning technology or in industrial applications, volume flow meters come into play. Volume flow measurement is useful and sometimes necessary wherever distribution systems exchange air within different rooms and you want to keep an eye on both flow paths and air volumes. In addition, the precise recording of volume flows in industrial processes is of central importance.

If you decide to measure the volume flow, you will find the right equipment with us. Our high-quality measuring device for volume flow monitors air flows up to a flow velocity of 200 m/s and a volume flow of up to 63,000 m³/h. Place your trust in SEIKOM Electronic on a professional range with quality products "Made in Germany". A volumetric flow meter from our company will also meet the highest demands. Take a look around our online store at your leisure.

Exemplary areas of application

Industrial furnaces

Measurement of the volume flow in the exhaust gas duct

Plastics industry

Control of flow velocities in plastics extrusion


Measurement of air flows in the wind tunnel

Mechanical Engineering

Examination of wind flows in the exhaust air of aircraft turbines

Maximum expertise in volume flow measurement

Around 30 years ago, we at SEIKOM Electronic began to specialize in TÜV-certified products that impress above all with their quality, performance and functionality. Today, we are one of the leading suppliers of Volume flow metersbut also for many other Innovative measurement and control technology as for pressure measurement with Pressure transmitterstemperature measurement with temperature sensors, the Measure air quality with air quality sensors, Heating, ventilation, air conditioning devices and much more. We are particularly proud of the fact that we are one of the few suppliers that can offer a Safety Integrity Level range and explosion protection (ATEX). Take a look at our ATEX products over. We make no compromises when it comes to service. Individual and competent advice is a matter of course for us. Just like speed and reliability when it comes to your volumetric flow meter or any other item.

What does a volumetric flow meter have to offer for measuring volume?

A volumetric flow meter is an advanced technical instrument specifically designed to measure the volumetric flow of a liquid or gas flowing through a pipe or duct. The volumetric flow measurement is used in volumetric units such as cubic meters per hour, liters per minute or similar units. The measured volume flow indicates how much volume of the substance flows through the volumetric flow meter in a given time. Volumetric flow meters can be based on various physical principles, including the differential pressure principle, the Doppler effect or thermal methods. They are used in numerous industries and applications of crucial importanceto monitor, control and regulate the exact flow rate. Volume flow meters from SEIKOM Electronic are based on the calorimetric, i.e. thermal, measuring principle.

Volume flow

How does a volumetric flow meter work?

The special feature of a volumetric flow meter lies in its Measurement technology . The exact mode of operation can vary depending on the type and the underlying physical principle. However, all variants have one thing in common: precise measurement for the economic and technical monitoring of volume and air flows.

The calorimetric (thermal) measuring principle is an advanced and economical method for measuring volume flow. This method offers several advantages that make it particularly attractive:

  • No moving parts: The absence of moving parts in the measuring device increases its reliability and reduces maintenance requirements. This makes the calorimetric measuring principle particularly suitable for applications where durability and low maintenance are crucial.
  • Large measuring range: The calorimetric measuring principle can precisely measure flow velocities and temperature ranges over a wide area. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and environments.
  • Easy integration: Thanks to its compact design and the simplicity of the measuring principle, the calorimetric measuring device can be easily integrated into existing systems. This makes it an ideal solution for retrofitting or system updates.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The calorimetric measuring principle is one of the most cost-effective methods for volume flow measurement. It offers high accuracy and reliability at a comparatively low price, both in terms of purchase and operation.

While other measuring principles have their own advantages, they tend to be more complex to install and calibrate. They are often more expensive both to purchase and to operate. The calorimetric measuring principle therefore represents a Efficient and cost-effective alternative which is suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

It should be noted that regardless of the principle used, the volumetric flow meter should be regularly calibrated and maintained to ensure accurate measurement.

Volume Flow Meter

What are the advantages of a volumetric flow meter?

In many industrial and scientific applications, a volumetric flow meter is an indispensable instrument with numerous advantages. First of all, the high Accuracy and repeatability . Modern volumetric flow meters are highly accurate and can measure flow with minimal deviations that are hardly worth mentioning. Your volumetric flow measurements are consistent and repeatable, giving you reliable and trustworthy data.

Depending on the technology, volumetric flow meters are suitable for a wide range of substances, whether gases, liquids or vaporous media. Furthermore, different models are designed for different temperature and pressure ranges as well as for different viscosities.

Another plus point is that a volumetric flow meter reacts quickly to changes in flow and guarantees immediate feedback on the flow rate, allowing you to monitor processes in real time and adjust them if necessary. Thanks to the use of high-quality components and robust technology, volumetric flow meters like ours are durable and require minimal maintenance.

The data transmission and communication of a volumetric flow meter allows you to use resources more efficiently, save energy and thus reduce operating costs, as well as detect unusual or dangerous flow conditions at an early stage and initiate appropriate measures.

Similarly, integration into modern process control and automation systems is child's play, and even operation under extreme conditions is possible under certain circumstances.

What are the areas of application for a volumetric flow meter?

Due to its design and function, a volumetric flow meter serves a wide range of applications. They are therefore indispensable in many industries. For example, in refineries and oil and gas production. Here, the precise measurement of a volume flow of liquids and gases makes a decisive contribution to the safety and efficiency of operations. In building technology systems with the use of HVAC systems the air and water flow is monitored to ensure efficiency and minimize energy consumption. In this application, the control of the room air supply in accordance with applicable EU standards is at the forefront.

A volumetric flow meter also plays a decisive role in power plant energy generation and is also used to monitor and control liquid flows when filling beverages or producing foodstuffs. Further areas of application for a volumetric flow meter are Pharmaceutical and chemical industry semiconductor production, medical technology, but also agriculture, mining and the automotive industry. The list of beneficiaries listed here does not claim to be exhaustive.

Our selection of measuring devices for measuring volume flow

We can supply you with a volumetric flow meter for measuring the volumetric flow of gaseous media. The RLSW®8 from SEIKOM Electronic reliably monitors air flows up to a Flow velocity of 200 m/s and a volume flow of up to 63,000 m³/h. With the volumetric flow meter, you can look forward to the flexibility of a permanently installed sensor or alternatively a remote sensor. This ensures that you receive exact values without complications, even at temperatures above 80°C. In addition, the sensor elements of the volumetric flow meter can be developed to be heat-resistant for ranges up to 250°C or 350°C - ideal for measuring hot gas flows in test stands, extrusion processes or exhaust gases.

In addition to a linear analog output, the volumetric flow meter has an additional relay output. We will be happy to carry out an individual presetting on request so that you can put the device into operation immediately after installation and connection. Of course, you can also make the appropriate settings yourself and adjust them during operation. With integrated continuous monitoring of the sensor, the sensor elements and the connecting cables with regard to short circuits and wire breaks, the volumetric flow meter guarantees a high level of operational safety for systems.

Take a look for yourself at our Product categories and take a look at our volumetric flow meter at your leisure. If you have any questions or would like advice, we are always there for you personally.

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