Volume flow measurement

For volume flow measurement of gaseous media we have developed the device RLSW®8 was developed. This device enables you to reliably monitor air flows up to a flow velocity of 200 m/s and a volume flow rate of up to 63,000 m³/h.

The measuring device is available with a permanently installed sensor as well as with a remote sensor. Especially at temperatures above 80°C, the evaluation unit must be separated from the sensor due to the effect of heat.

The device is available with particularly heat-resistant sensor elements for media temperature ranges up to: 

  • 250°C: RLSW8 F8 M8 250°C
  • 350°C: RLSW8 F8 M8 350°C

In addition to a linear analog output (0-10V, 4-20 mA), the device also has a relay output that can be inverted (flexible make and break contact).

The device is already calibrated at the factory, preset if desired, and can be put into operation immediately after mounting and connection. In addition, the user has the option of changing a number of settings on the device himself. These include:

  • Language
  • Dimension of the air flow (m/s, m³/h, l/m)
  • Maximum air flow
  • Tube diameter 
  • Alarm selection, hysteresis and delay
  • Start delay
  • Calibration factor
  • Relay behavior

Integrated continuous monitoring of the sensor, the sensor elements and the connecting cables for short circuits and wire breaks during operation ensures a particularly high level of operational reliability for your system. Furthermore, the electronics are continuously monitored by internal test routines. In the unlikely event of a fault, the outputs drop out and the fault is indicated in the display and on the LED bar.

Exemplary areas of application

Industrial furnaces

Measurement of the volume flow in the exhaust gas duct

Plastics industry

Control of flow velocities in plastics extrusion


Measurement of air flows in the wind tunnel

Mechanical Engineering

Examination of wind flows in the exhaust air of aircraft turbines

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