When it comes to recording temperatures outdoors, outdoor temperature sensors show their qualities. With their external sensors, they are characterized by an exact measurement quality and convince with a very graduated response to temperature changes. A robust housing reliably protects the electronics from dust and moisture in demanding environments. Thanks to the high IP protection class, even UV radiation is no problem for our outdoor temperature sensors.

At SEIKOM Electronic, we offer you an extensive range of high-quality outdoor temperature sensors that have been specially designed to provide reliable and accurate measurements of outdoor temperatures. Whether for industrial applications, the air conditioning of buildings or for meteorological purposes, our outdoor sensors are the optimal solution.

Our product range

  • Analog temperature sensor (4-20 mA, 0-10 V)
  • Digital temperature sensor (Modbus RS485, CANopen)
  • Magnetic inductive flow meter
  • Passive temperature sensor (resistance thermometer)
  • Smart differential pressure transmitter for low measured values
  • Flow monitoring of liquid media
  • Temperature-current converter
  • Temperature switch
  • Thermocouple
  • Volume flow and air flow velocity meter

Sophisticated outdoor temperature sensors for your needs

Our outdoor temperature sensors are an expression of our many years of experience and technical expertise. For over 30 years, we have been experts when it comes to Innovative measurement and control technology and offer you and your requirements a TÜV-certified range of high-quality products such as Pressure transmitter and Heating, ventilation, air conditioningdevices. We are also one of the few companies that can support you with explosion protection in ATEX areas. Our Safety Integrity Level selection includes, for example SIL flow monitor.

You can also benefit with regard to Temperature sensors and accessories from our expertise. We understand the importance of reliable measurement data for the optimum performance and efficiency of your systems and appliances. That's why we offer you outdoor sensors that are not only accurate, but also robust and easy to install.

Discover our variety of outdoor temperature sensors and find the perfect outdoor sensor for your requirements here. Whether you are looking for a simple, direct connection for residential buildings or need a networked solution for complex industrial systems, SEIKOM Electronic has the right outdoor sensor for you.

What can you expect from our outdoor temperature sensors?

Outdoor temperature sensors are equipped with specialized sensors designed to measure the temperature of the ambient air outside a closed area. They are an essential component in many systems that perform temperature-dependent functions or require temperature-controlled processes.

Rely on professionals for your outdoor temperature sensors. Outstanding material quality, innovative measuring technologies and a design geared towards durability characterize our outdoor temperature sensors. We know that they often have to function under extreme weather conditions and temperatures. That's why we make sure that every outdoor sensor in our range undergoes rigorous quality checks and is 100 % quality tested before it leaves our factory.

What are the advantages of outdoor temperature sensors?

Our outdoor temperature sensors are designed for measuring large temperature ranges, have a robust housing and are UV-resistant. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor areas. Installation using plugs and screws is extremely simple and possible on almost any wall.

Set to outdoor temperature sensor for Optimization of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems) in your buildings and ensure intelligent control in building automation by using outdoor temperature sensors to precisely record the outdoor temperature. This means you don't have to worry about continuously adapting the indoor climate to changing outdoor conditions. The air quality in offices, production halls, etc. remains high without any action on your part, so that your employees can work in an all-round pleasant working environment.

What other advantages do outdoor temperature sensors offer?

  • Process controlwhen it comes to achieving optimum results in end products such as food processing, where certain temperatures must be maintained in order to preserve food safety and quality.
  • Preventive maintenanceby recognizing potential difficulties in good time with outside temperatures and being able to intervene in good time in the event of low or high machine temperatures, for example.
  • Improved Efficiency in agricultureas you can use outdoor temperature sensors to monitor numerous critical conditions, including the growth of plants.
  • Avoidance of Mold growth in buildingsby using temperature sensors for outdoor use to regulate temperature and humidity.
  • Optimization of the Air conditioning in vehicles and increase safety by protecting you from extreme weather conditions such as Ice warning.
  • Meeting exact Weather forecastswhich is of great importance for planning in numerous environments such as aviation or shipping.

Where are outdoor temperature sensors used?

Outdoor temperature sensors demonstrate their capabilities in many different areas and are therefore very versatile. You have already seen some examples in the advantages section. To summarize, outdoor temperature sensors are your first choice when it comes to the following areas of application:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC): Regulation of the internal temperature based on the external temperature conditions.
  • Automation technologyUse in automated production processes to monitor temperature conditions and adapt process controls.
  • Energy generation plantsMonitoring the ambient temperature to optimize the performance of solar power plants and wind turbines.
  • Food industryMonitoring of outside temperatures to regulate cold chains and storage conditions, which ensures the quality and safety of food.
  • Pharmaceutical industryControl of external conditions to ensure the stability and storage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.
  • TransportationUse in vehicles and means of transportation to monitor ambient temperatures, which is particularly important for temperature-sensitive freight.
  • AgricultureControl of ventilation systems in greenhouses and warehouses to ensure ideal growing conditions.
  • Building industryControl of temperature conditions in construction projects to ensure that materials such as concrete are processed and stored under optimum conditions.
  • Automotive industryDisplay of the outside temperature in the vehicle to inform the driver and to control the air conditioning system.
  • Research facilitiesUse in environmental science studies to collect data on climatic conditions.
  • Weather stationsFor measuring and recording the outdoor temperature for meteorological purposes.
  • Smart home systemsIntegration into home automation systems to control heating and cooling depending on the outside temperature.


At SEIKOM Electronic, we offer a comprehensive range of outdoor temperature sensors specifically designed to precisely meet your individual requirements. Our team brings in-depth expertise and years of experience to the consultation process to help you choose a state-of-the-art outdoor temperature sensor that is tailored to your specific needs. We invite you to visit our Product categories and contact us at any time without obligation if you have any questions or require advice. We will always treat your request personally and with the utmost care.