Our product range

  • Analog temperature sensor (4-20 mA, 0-10 V)
  • Digital temperature sensor (Modbus RS485, CANopen)
  • Magnetic inductive flow meter
  • Passive temperature sensor (resistance thermometer)
  • Smart differential pressure transmitter for low measured values
  • Flow monitoring of liquid media
  • Temperature-current converter
  • Temperature switch
  • Thermocouple
  • Volume flow and air flow velocity meter

Thermocouples - Precision in temperature tower measurement technology


Thermocouples are thermoelectric sensors that measure temperatures by converting thermal energy into electrical energy. They are widely used in a variety of industries due to their ease of use, wide measuring ranges and fast response times.

Areas of application for thermocouples:

  • process industry: Monitoring and control of industrial ovens, boilers and heating systems.
  • Energy generation: Temperature measurement in power plants to ensure efficiency and safety.
  • Food processing: Ensure correct cooking and freezing temperatures.
  • plastics industry: In plastics processing, e.g. injection molding or extrusion, thermocouples are used to precisely monitor and control the temperature of the melt and the tools.
  • Metal processing: Temperature monitoring in heat treatment processes such as hardening, forging and soldering to achieve the desired material properties.
  • packaging industry: Control of sealing processes to ensure the integrity of packaging
  • semiconductor industry: Precise temperature control to maintain process specifications and product purity

Selection criteria for thermocouples:

  • Type of thermocouple: Selection of the correct thermocouple type (e.g. type K, J, T) based on the required temperature range and environment.
  • Measuring range: Ensure that the measuring range of the thermocouple is suitable for the specific application.
  • Accuracy class: Adaptation of the accuracy requirements depending on the required measuring precision.
  • Material and design: Requirements depend on chemical resistance as well as mechanical and thermal conditions.
  • Protection class: Suitable protective housings or protective tubes, especially for harsh industrial environments.
  • Connection options: Selection of plug or cable connections according to the intended installation.

Optimal installation conditions:

  • Correct installation location: Thermocouples should be placed where they can measure the actual temperature of the medium without external influences.
  • Minimal interference: Avoid electrical and magnetic interference that could impair the measuring accuracy.
  • Easy accessibility: Thermocouples should be installed so that they are easily accessible for maintenance work.
  • Environmental protection: If necessary, the thermocouple should be installed in low-noise and clean environments or using protective covers.

SEIKOM Electronic stands for quality and innovation in the field of temperature measurement technology. Our thermocouples are the result of continuous development and strict quality controls to provide you with the best products for your requirements. Explore our comprehensive range and find the thermocouple that meets your expectations for precision and reliability.