In industry, it is not uncommon for certain processes to produce substances or dusts that are highly flammable, combustible or even explosive. In such demanding environments it depends significantly on a High explosion protection on. This is precisely where the ATEX and IECEx directives come in and regulate explosion protection by law in Europe and around the world. We are one of the few companies to offer SEIKOM Electronic We therefore offer you a range of ATEX devices, such as Zener barriers, which meet the highest requirements.

Zener barriers effectively prevent sparks from causing ignition by limiting the excess energy present in intrinsically safe circuits and dissipating it to earth. Use Zener barriers from SEIKOM Electronic to ensure Secure jobs in production processes, mining and many other environments. With us, you can rely on 100% "Made in Germany". See our products for yourself and ask for a personalized quote.

Your ATEX and Zener barrier expert for over 30 years

For over 30 years, we at SEIKOM Electronic have stood for Customized solutions for demanding environments. In the field of innovative Measurement and control technology we are certified by our consistent TÜV Nord Quality assurance and ongoing optimizations to become one of the leading suppliers in the industry. At SEIKOM Electronic you will find a comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control technology with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX & IECEx). Our devices are designed for temperature measurements with temperature sensors, pressure measurements with Pressure transmitters, Measure air quality, Heating, ventilation, air conditioningdevices and much more. In addition, we have already equipped many of our models with a Zener barrier as part of the scope of delivery, so that you can fully rely on safe use.

In addition to our progressive developments, we attach great importance to professional serviceindividual advice and a high degree of speed. If you have special requirements for Zener barriers, we will be happy to take care of them. 


What makes a Zener barrier so important?

Zener barriers are important wherever electrical devices are used and the Risk There is a risk that sparks could cause ignition at high currents in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The Security device limits the amount of energy fed into an intrinsically safe circuit by reducing the voltage to a safe level and ensuring that it remains below this level. For this purpose, zener diodes are used in a zener barrier, which divert the current or discharge it to earth as soon as a certain voltage limit is exceeded. Zener diodes are protected against overload via a fuse.

Our Zener barriers are designed for ATEX zones 1 and 2 in accordance with the European ATEX Directive:

 In ATEX zones 1 and 2, Zener barriers are an important component of the Explosion protection. These zones are specific areas that are classified according to the ATEX Directive of the European Union and in which there is a high risk of flammable gases or vapors creating an explosive atmosphere.

In zone 1, the risk of flammable gases or vapors creating an explosive atmosphere during normal operation is higher. Equipment and protective systems in this zone must be designed so that they do not constitute a source of ignition even in the event of an explosion. Zener barriers restrict the electrical energy that reaches the devices in this area and thus prevent an explosion being triggered by electrical sparks or overheating.

Zone 2 is an area where the risk of an explosive atmosphere is lower and only occurs under special conditions. Although the risk is lower here, precautions such as Zener barriers are still required to provide an additional layer of safety in the event of unexpected hazardous situations.

In both zones, Zener barriers contribute to safety by providing a reliable and effective method of Energy limitation that minimizes the risk of ignition.

What are the advantages of a Zener barrier from SEIKOM Electronic?

Zener barriers are essential in many environments and bring Significant advantages with:

  • They prevent excessive electrical energy from reaching potentially explosive areas, thereby reducing the risk of ignition.
  • Zener barriers can be easily integrated into existing electrical systems as they are compact and do not require complex installations.
  • The devices are low-maintenance and offer a reliable method of protection without the need for regular replacement or maintenance.
  • Compared to other safety systems, Zener barriers are a cost-effective solution for explosion protection.
  • They can be configured for a wide range of signal types and strengths and can therefore be used in a variety of industrial contexts.
  • They increase the general safety of the systems and help to minimize the risk of accidents and the resulting downtime.

Where are Zener barriers used?

Zener barriers are typically used in environments in which the Risk of explosions by electrical sparks or surges, such as in chemical processing, the oil and gas industry, mining and other areas classified as potentially explosive atmospheres.

Zener barriers are most frequently used in the Process control and automation technology are used to ensure that measuring and control devices such as sensors, transmitters and other electronic control systems can be operated safely. In some cases, they are also installed directly in the devices. They can also be found in control elements, signal converters and communication devices.

Which devices are supplied with Zener barriers?

At SEIKOM Electronic you get Selected and special devices for measuring flows in potentially explosive atmospheres. These are versatile and can be used in ATEX zones 1 and 2 and already have Zener barriers in the delivery process, such as the evaluation units NLSW45-3 Ex and NLSW75A Exwhich are also suitable for installation in switch cabinets. Each sensor has two Zener barriers. With the evaluation unit NLSW45-3 Ex SIL2 4 Zener barriers are included in the scope of delivery due to the redundant sensor design.

We can provide you with an all-round package for demanding areas and find in our Product categories quickly find the right solution for your requirements. If you have any further questions about Zener barriers or would like individual advice in advance, please do not hesitate to contact us. In person, by telephone or by e-mail. We can prepare a customized offer for you on request.

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